As a global software development and engineering company, SDK Data develops innovative and customer-oriented products by providing software, hardware R&D services to different sectors with its extensive knowledge and field expertise. SDK DATA Company provide service about Mechanical production, Mechanical design, Smart Cities, Solar energy, High-speed train transport system, Tunnel opening system, Road signaling, Railroad signalization, Land route signalization, IP cameras, Fire warning system, IOT, Cisco, MPL, Lifeboat.


In addition to being able to directly sell Cisco branded devices, SDK as an Approved Partner can customize devices such as network switches and router product families which are compatible with the desired operating conditions (humidity, high altitude, extreme climate, vibration, shock, salt fog, IP etc.). All environmental tests are carried out in-house to verify the devices we have developed.

Industrial Ethernet Switches

The Cisco ethernet switch products consists of devices that can perform their functions reliably in harsh working environments.

LAN Access Switches

Cisco Catalyst network access switches consist of wired and wireless devices that can continuously optimize to significantly simplify network operations and support business objectives.

LAN Compact Switches

Due to the powerful and compact designs of the devices in this product family, you can expand your existing network quickly and safely.

LAN Core and Distribution

Cisco Catalyst and Nexus campus core and distribution network switches offer a lot of usage areas thanks to their features-scalable, high port speeds and types. They are devices developed to support your ever-increasing network infrastructure needs in the long term.

Data Center Switches

Cisco Nexus and SAN (Storage Area Networking) devices are included in this product family. These devices, where high performance, speed, reliability and operations can be automated, are indispensable products of Data Center or similar infrastructures.

Small-business Switches

In this product family, there are devices developed to meet the network needs of medium-sized businesses in a reliable and fast manner for many years.

Climb Channel Solution

Climb Channel Solutions is a specialty distributor focused on driving success with our innovative vendors and value-added resellers. You can rely on us to deliver the services you need with the agility and flexibility required by the emerging technology solutions market. We invest with you ‒ including demand generation and sales support – to make your solutions a success.


MPL offers standard PC technology without its limitation. The products are long-term available, they are ruggedized by design, they have extended temperature capabilities, they are based on internal experience. MPL offers unique products. Why? How is this possible?

MPL designed products are Better by Design

Low power designs
Since the foundation of MPL AG in 1985, MPL design products, solutions, and concepts that have the lowest power consumption in the industry. In all designs, the internal design rule is, among others, to keep the overall power consumption of the product as low as possible. Lower power consumption generates less heat, this means the components in these systems are under less stress and therefore have a higher lifetime, as well as the reliability. A increase of the MTBF is the direct result of this.

Fanless concepts since 1985
Generally the weak parts in many Industrial PC or embedded control systems are rotating parts, especially fans, considered as wear and tear part. Since the foundation of MPL AG, another design rule is, to develop a solution that does not require fans. The designs are set up so that the cooling is being done through convection and/or special mechanical cooling concepts.

Extended temperature -40°C up to +85°C
Each product that MPL design needs to withstand the standard, industrial, or MIL temperature range. To achieve this, MPL start with the selection of the components. Using only the reference design of the chip suppliers is not sufficient to meet this target. Each product sold with the extended temperature option receives in addition to the specific product tests the burn-in cycles, a further test cycle in our environmental chamber to verify the capability of the products under extended temperature. This precaution gives our customer the best security for their products.

Shock & vibration proof systems
When developing a product, MPL consider that a product can be used in tough environments under vibration and/or shock conditions. It is our target to meet or even exceed with our products the requirement of applications in railways, traffic, avionics, space, …. Achieving this tough requirements is only possible by selecting quality connectors with thicker gold plating and mechanical fixation for add on cards (PC/104, PMC, PCI).

Real industrial design
In most cases an industrial PC producer utilizes the reference design of the chip manufacturers, which is basically nothing else than the design of commercial PC’s. Such a “Industrial PC” design (despite of industrial form factors), is by far not sufficient for a reliable product. This is the reason MPL design our PCs and control board completely from scratch according our know-how and experience in markets like railways, traffic, avionics, space, industry… MPL are convinced that only with this effort, an user has the assurance to get a better solution than an office PC.

Another key for success is the flexibility MPL can offer to our customers. The broad product families (PIP family 5×86 up to Core2 Duo technology) allow easy customization. Each of the products in the same family comes with the same form factor with numerous different configurations according to customers needs, even with small quantities. The products are available with customization based on a project or as OEM products with our customer logo.

High quality
The production and the design of all MPL product are being done in Switzerland according the MPL slogan “High Tech – Made in Switzerland”. Quality is the top priority in the design, production and operation. It starts with the selection of the components over the design rules of a product, the test of a product and the support over its life.

Direct and fast support from the design engineer
Our customer can get access to our design engineers to reduce the none operation time of our products. MPL do not work with call centers or large support teams. Generally, in far less 12-18 hrs you have a reply from the design engineers desk. Only this MPL believes, gives you the best quality on reply for the product in question.

MPL is 100% self-financed
Due to this fact MPL are able to keep stock of all components for our standard products and our customers OEM products. This allows us quick production cycles. MPL carry stock of tested standard products to have short lead times. All of our products MPL have sold since 1985 MPL is still capable to repair at MPL AG, and it is our policy to keep spare parts for all sold products.

Reliable designs
This starts with the selection of the components, then only best quality gives reliable designs. This is what MPL stands up and differentiates theirselves. For example the connector MPL uses in our products have the maximum gold plating (30µ) on the pins, as this guarantees that in vibrating, dirty air, humid environments, the contacts remain good and cause no problems over the lifetime of the product.

Long-term available solutions
When designing a product, our mains target is the long-term availability as this is a cost reduction factor for the customer. Where ever possible, MPL only use products out of the embedded road map of the different suppliers. Further, MPL keeps stock of end-of-life components, allowing us to continue to produce the product if our customers wish to have it.

Our products are specifically designed for use in harsh environment applications, The broad experience since 1985 in this market has been influencing our engineering continuously. In numerous application through the world of our standard products as well as OEM and customer specific products prove the capability and know-how in extreme temperatures, thermal cycling stress, high shock and vibration conditions….

Development & engineering
MPL works continuously on new and innovative solutions for embedded PCs, controls, peripherals, and solutions to help our customers to differentiate their products. Our close cooperation with the world leaders of chip technologies are the base to develop the best possible solutions at a reasonable cost, also in low volumes.

  • Avionics / Space Industry
  • Railway Transportation
  • Marine
  • Security
  • Communication
  • Transportation
  • Automotive Test and Measurement
  • Medical / Health
  • Industrial automation
  • Human Machine Interface

Every sector where “Computers with Wide Temperature Range” are needed.

  • Avionics / Space Industry Solutions
  • Naval Platform Solutions
  • Railway Transportation Solutions
  • MIL / COTS Solutions
  • Aviation / Space Industry Solutions

MXCS CPU board matrix

Rugged 19” Shelf Type Server Solution MXCS-RK

Fanless Rugged MIL/COTS SWaP-C Server MXCS-ML

Rugged Open Frame Server Solution MXCS-OF

Rugged CPU Boards

Industrial Ethernet Solutions

Rugged Industrial PCs

Compact Specialized Computers

Fanless Panel PCs

Rugged Industrial Peripherals

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